The Ultimate EEG Meditation Trainer

GoDeeper provides objective, accurate feedback, customized to match your style of practice, level of expertise, and brainwave profile.

Go deeper, faster, with more accurate feedback than you'll get anywhere else.

How we're different


Experience Levels

Novices need different protocols and reinforcement rates than adepts because meditation changes your brainwaves.


Styles of Practice

Vipassana, Loving-Kindness, Samatha, MBSR, TM, Sahaja, Awakened Mind, Himalayan Yoga, plus 20 targeted protocols to get your brain back in the zone.


Progress Graphs

More feedback = more motivation. Get new perspectives on your practice by tracking your brain activity in more ways than ever before.


Scientific Studies

GoDeeper protocols are based on 160+ scientific studies on the EEG signatures of different types of meditation for concentration, insight, creativity, and flow.

How It Works

GoDeeper takes high quality EEG from the Muse headband and filters it through 20 different protocols tailored to your practice.

  1. Download the GoDeeper app
  2. Pair Muse with your Apple or Android device
  3. Tell GoDeeper a little bit about your brain
  4. Calibrate protocols for your styles of meditation
  5. Meditate, track, and go deeper than ever before


It's like having a personal trainer for your brain who can read your mind.

- A Happy GoDeeper User

You'll love it if...

You don't want to wait for the benefits of a deeper practice.

Learning to get to deep states is hard without objective markers to tell you how close you are towards a subjective goal state. Accurate, instant, objective feedback will take you deeper, much faster than is possible without feedback.

You want to know why you're not in the zone, and what to do about it.

GoDeeper shows you graphs of what's going on in your brain, explains what's keeping you out of the zone, and recommends protocols for specific brainwaves that are holding you back. It's like how a personal trainer targets your weakest muscles.

You want accurate feedback tuned to your practice.

Just as different situations call for different shoes, meditation training apps must be tuned to your style of practice and level of expertise to give accurate feedback. The more accurate the feedback, the faster you learn.

You want your practice based on the latest neuroscience.

We've digested just about every article on the EEG of meditation from the last 20 years (see references). If we don't have a protocol for your approach, it simply hasn't been studied yet. Let's work together to create a new protocol for your method!

How does GoDeeper compare to the Muse App?

The Muse app vs the GoDeeper app is like the difference between
Paint and Photoshop.

Paint is a free, easy to use, program for creating simple pictures.


Photoshop is a professional level app with tons of options that can take you anywhere you want to go.

There are two ways to GoDeeper

GoDeeper Basic gives you the most personalized feedback for fastest learning

GoDeeper Basic gives you lots of personalization options not found in the Muse app. These options allow you to create more accurate feedback that is tailored to you. The net result is faster learning and a more rewarding experience.

When you sign up for GoDeeper, it is FREE for the first 30 days…and you get a SuperUser license! If you don't find the brainwave data fascinating and only want the basic features, you can drop back down to a Basic subscription after 30 days.

GoDeeper SuperUser tells you why you are not in the zone and what you can do to get back there

GoDeeper SuperUser is for people who want to see graphs of what their brainwaves are doing when they meditate. They want the software to interpret the graphs and even recommend targeted brainwave training exercises to get them to meditation goals more quickly.

SuperUser version is the best choice for people whose practice is centered on a meditation tradition. The SuperUser version has 12 extra protocols specifically derived from a deep study of academic research into these tradition-based meditation techniques.

Birds that chirp when you stay in the deep.
Badges reward performance to keep you motivated.
Session graphs of your movement in and out of three levels.
Expertise setting to suit your level of practice.
Adjustable Reward Rate for faster learning and flow.
Select the Reward sound that is the most rewarding to you.
Reminders when not in the zone.
Progress charts to measure depth progress across sessions.
Brainwave analysis to know why you aren't in the zone and what to do about it.
EEG protocols for different types of meditations.
Muse App

Ready to Go Deeper?

If you already have a Muse headband,
download the app and get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A protocol is an algorithm for translating brainwaves into depth scores. To score the brainwaves we look at the absolute power of each frequency band (Alpha, Beta, etc.), the relative power of each frequency band, brainwave coherence, and brainwave complexity.

We have over 20 protocols designed to score traditional meditation techniques and modern results driven protocols. All our protocols are based on a deep reading of over 160 academic studies on the EEG signatures of different types of meditation and flow. Our protocols are also classified by level of expertise because the EEG signature of beginners and experts doing the same technique can be VERY different.

GoDeeper uses the neurofeedback best practice of adjusting reward thresholds to optimize learning.

  • If the reinforcement rate is too low, the learner gets discouraged.
  • If the reinforcement rate is too high, the learner gets bored.

Just like a video game, being able to set your level of difficulty optimizes learning and your ability to get into a flow state.

One of the inspirations for the development of GoDeeper was the realization that the Muse fixed thresholds did not maximize one's rate of learning. The creator of GoDeeper was very frustrated with how few birdies he got in his first year with the Muse and almost quit several times. His friend got bored and quit because she wasn't challenged enough. Can you relate to either scenario?

Adjustable Thresholds also help you get into flow faster. In his book, “Flow” author Mihaly Csikszentmihaly (CHEEKS-sent-me-high) lists two external conditions that promote flow:

  1. Clear goals and immediate feedback
  2. A match between one's skill and the difficulty of the task

GoDeeper EEG meditation trainer puts you into flow faster by setting a clear goal with immediate feedback (getting reward sounds). The difficulty slider let's you match the level of difficulty to your level of skill.

Donate your brainwaves to science! GoDeeper is deeply committed to furthering the scientific understanding of meditation so we give you a $1 off your monthly subscription for each 20 minute depth test. You can keep donating your brain waves until your month is free.

A depth test is a way to measure what percent of time your mind is wandering. It is based on the meditation technique known as “Noting practice.” Every two minutes a bell rings, and you tap the phone once for “oneness”, three times for “lost in thoughts” and twice for “in between”. We use your feedback to continually refine our protocols. You also get a graph of your percent time meditating vs. mind wandering to track your progress over months and years.

Muse requires a fresh calibration every session. GoDeeper asks you to do five calibrations and you are done. Both programs use the difference between your baseline brain waves and meditation brain waves to measure your depth of meditation. Calibrating every session means you won't be able to see long-range results.

Here's why…

Imagine that you measured meditation depth by how many beats per minute you shave off your resting pulse rate. If you only track your pulse rate change during the session, you won't know that you made progress between your first session several months later. To make matters worse, if you start your session with an extra calm pulse, it will look like you didn't have a very deep meditation. We meditate to change our baseline, not just to change our experience of meditation. So you want to be able to measure progress between now and day one.

A longer, stable baseline taken early in one's practice has several other benefits:

  1. It lets you know that your performance in any one session is comparable to other days and not just due to a particularly good or bad baseline that day. If you start out with a busy mind, the Muse software might rate your mediations as extra calm that day. If you start with a calm mind, Muse might rate your meditations as less calm because there isn't as much of a state change.
  2. Not calibrating at the beginning of each session saves time. This is particularly useful for Mindfulness practitioners who like to switch protocols during a session as they go from breath watching to thought watching to loving-kindness in a single session.
  3. A non-changing baseline sample more accurately measures progress over months and years. Software that recalibrates every day isn't as good at measuring long-term progress. It's a well-documented phenomenon that normal consciousness brainwaves in advanced meditators start to resemble the brainwave patterns of their meditation states. This permanent change is called a “trait effect”, as opposed to the changes during meditation, which are called “State effects.” The Muse calibration cannot pick up on trait effects, GoDeeper can.
  4. Many research studies report that eyes-closed rest is a problematic calibration for advanced meditators because they have a hard time NOT slipping into meditation as soon as they close their eyes. We feel it is better to make calibration a big deal at the beginning to remind meditators not to go into meditation during calibration.

The GoDeeper Coach dashboard requires a laptop or desktop browser because the amount of information presented would not fit on a phone.

Coaches get:

  1. Easy access to all their student's progress charts.
  2. Coach only graphs designed to help you zero in on which student needs more help.
  3. A Coach-level Brainwave Analyzer that gives more in-depth interpretations than the super user brainwave analyzer and teaches you more neuroscience to help you be a better meditation coach
  4. The Composite session feature that lets you analyze multiple sessions at once.
  5. Coaches can use our community forum to learn from other coaches and to connect to prospective clients by answering their questions.

Coach $20/mo. Click here for an in-depth presentation of the Coach Dashboard and a link to subscribe.

There are two more subscription levels that are designed for people who are ready to go deep into learning about the neuroscience of mediation.

Master Coach $40/mo is for people who are ready to dig deep into the art and science of building custom protocols that are precisely tuned to each client's technique, level of expertise, and type of brain. Master Coaches must train and be certified in our master class where they will get access to proprietary knowledge and tools for building and testing protocols. They also have access to our fleet of rental Muse headbands so they can assist at mediation retreats with objective feedback – which they can even do remotely.

Scientist $?/mo is for people who want to contribute to the scientific understanding of meditation. You don't need to have a Ph.D. to make a contribution, but you do have to be certified by the Institute for Applied Meditation. You have to know about experimental design and understand how to use basic statistics like p-values and effect sizes. We've automated most of the statistical work, so you get to do the fun stuff of formulating and testing hypotheses on which metrics do the best job of capturing mediation depth.

GoDeeper uses the Muse headset because it is an absolute breakthrough in delivering high quality EEG recordings at a price that is 10-20x cheaper than comparable 4 channel equipment used by neurofeedback therapists.

Standard EEG equipment requires putting sticky electrodes in your hair every time you meditate. The Muse headband puts out high quality EEG and slips on as easily as a pair of sunglasses.