Introduction to Modern & Tradition-Based Meditations

GoDeeper has 7 modern meditation protocols and 18 tradition-based protocols that are all based on published, peer-reviewed scientific research on their specific brain wave profiles. Meditation styles without such research are not included. They may have value, but we do not have the data necessary to create brain wave profiles to guide their practice.

Think of the Modern Meditations as a tool chest filled with different tools for different results. Which results are most attractive to you? Feel free to develop proficiency in several different modern meditations that fit your needs. 

If you aren’t sure of what meditation style is best for you, please try the modern meditations first. They are a compendium of several tradition-based meditations so there are more research results behind each of these protocols. As you try each one, try to feel which one brings you the most peace and joy. If one or two meditation protocols give you an extra boost, please consider getting training in one of the traditions that the modern mediation is based on. The description of each modern meditation has a section that points you to the traditional meditations they are based upon.  

If you want to go deep, choose a tradition and pursue it for at least a year. We believe in the tradition-based teachings. There is a good reason they have lasted the test of time. A good teacher will help you go deeper.  

If you have been training in a particular tradition, by all means start with that tradition. In general, it is better to go deep with one tradition than to keep switching around. For most people, it is more pleasurable to feel mastery in one sport, then to dabble in several. The tradition-based protocols are strictly based on EEG academic research into these specific traditional meditations. If you don’t see your style listed, it’s because there wasn’t enough research to create a protocol. Please choose the style that is closest to your tradition and there is a good chance it will work for you. 

Tradition-Based Meditations and Brainwave Exercise protocols are only available to people with a SuperUser license who want to use the Brainwave Analyzer to dig deep into the brain waves of their meditations.  Brainwave Exercises are targeted to work on a weakness. When you are not in the zone, the Brainwave Analyzer will tell you why and suggest Brainwave Exercises targeted to the parts of the protocol that need the most work to get you back in the zone.

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